Frequently Asked Questions


Why do you need window film on your windows?

Huper Optik solves the problems of fading, glare, and damage to furniture. Most importantly it helps make occupants feel more comfortable in the room.

Why is window film necessary if other window treatments are on the windows?
The sun will often damage window treatments, such as draperies, curtains, blinds or shades. Window film protects all furnishings, including window treatments.

Will window film darken the interior of my home?
No. It will not darken the interior of a room. Huper Optik will maintain the natural color of interiors.

Does window film help reduce the heat in a room when the sun comes shining through?
Yes. Up to 65% of the heat is rejected by Huper Optik.   Homeowners can expect to see 18%-30% savings on their utility bill.

Will window film help reduce the glare?
Window film does reduce glare and help eliminate eye fatigue.   Window Film will also reduce the glare on your flat screen TV.

How does window film affect the decor or the room?
Window film will not change the color of any of the furniture, fabric, artwork or accessories. Instead, the decor looks better because of reduced glare and fading.

Can window film be used on low e windows? 

Most low E window systems consist of double pane windows where the low E surface faces the air space between the panes.  In this case, film can be installed without eliminating the heat loss reduction benefit of the low E glass.

How much does window film cost?

The price varies according to the total surface area of the window glass and the type of film installed. Our dealers have worked out various packages to suit your specific needs.  Contact us to schedule an in home consultation.

How do you install the film?

Our professional installers will arrive as scheduled at your home with their supplies and apply the film with a nontoxic slip solution to the inside of your windows.  Films will be custom cut at your home in ensure a perfect fit.  We do ask that the homeowner makes sure that all furniture is removed from the window area and that the area is free of dust and pet hair.

How long will install take?

The installation time depends on many factors. It has to take into consideration things like total glass surface area, shape of the glass, number of installers performing the job etc. For more complex jobs like skylights and overhead windowpanes, it would generally require more time and effort as special equipment like scaffolding may be necessary.  The installation is professionally done by our experienced team.

How long does it take window film to cure?

The amount of time needed for window tint to cure will vary depending on what type of film is used and the temperatures the window is exposed to. With our standard window films, we have noticed that our curing periods will range from 2 weeks to 30 days. If the window receives direct sun curing times will be reduced. If you have your home tinted in the winter months you man notice the window film will take longer to cure. The hotter the temperature is the faster the tint will cure, the colder the temperature the longer the cure.

Can the film be removed?

In the event you decide to remove the window film, there will not be any permanent stains on the glass surface and any adhesive marks can be easily removed with common cleaning agents.

 Will window films cause glass to break? 

Windows break due to various types of stress.  While window films do affect the thermal stress of a window, there are strict industry application guidelines that when adhered to properly all but eliminate this risk.   Window films that are properly selected and installed should not cause your windows to break.

How long will the film last?

The film life span varies based on the unique conditions of your home’s environment and the specifics of your installation.  There have been documented cases of window films lasting up to 20 years.