Decorative and Faux Stained Glass


Frosted Window Films are one of the most widely used and most versatile window films available. The films are opaque to translucent but still allow high levels of natural light to pass through. It can also be computer cut into almost any design. These attributes make it the perfect material for privacy, glass decoration, and corporate branding. Frosted Window Film is the perfect application for retail stores, private offices, glass partitions, conference rooms, restaurants and wherever there is a need for decorative or privacy. Achieve the high-end look of etched glass at a fraction of the price. Whether you want to create an elegant yet private look at home or incorporate custom design at the office, we can bring any of your ideas to life!

Faux stained glass overlays can be custom made to fit side lights, front doors, transoms, and palladiums, which are all traditionally difficult to dress. Their product is not affected by steam or moisture and does not mildew, making the overlays ideal for garden tub windows. Additionally, they are energy efficient and offer UV protection. There are a wide variety of designs to choose from and the level of privacy can be customized as well.

Stained Glass Appliques are a perfect alternative to stained glass. This unique window treatment will add a totally new dimension to your window. All Stained Glass Appliques have the look and feel of leaded glass and have UV inhibitors integrated into every layer of the product, which prevents fading and discoloration. Summer heat is reduced and winter warmth is retained within the room. All designs have a built in 98% UV protection factor. Unlike etching or sandblasting, a stained glass applique will enhance the integrity of the glass. The applique bonds to the existing glass to create a laminated and consequently a safer window. Where there is a flat sheet of glass, this product can be applied with magnificent results.